Milk Makeup Review

It’s FINALLY here! It feels like I have waited for my Milk Makeup order to arrive for 100000 years. Ever since I discovered Milk Makeup, I’ve been trying to find ways to get them in Australia. Sadly, Cult Beauty doesn’t ship them, Sephora AU doesn’t stock them either. So I had to go through the old fashion ⏤ “can you send this parcel to your house, and I will treat you dinner?”. Thanks, mate. I didn’t go all out and order every single thing (I was close if I’m honest, but my credit card bill stopped me), so I went for some base products along with a few that are highly recommend by…well, all of the YouTubers I follow. If you’re interested to see what I’m crazy and not so crazy about, keep scrolling! x

收到通知說到貨的時候我開心了一整天,已經好一陣子沒有如此期待收到彩妝包裹,上一次應該是半年前。大概是去年開始,MILK MAKEUP 就出現在許多社群平台上,很多長期關注的 YOUTUBER 也都陸陸續續開始介紹它們家的東西。但因為一直認為梳妝台的東西真的太多了,所以不停告訴自己「妳不需要、不要買」,而壓斷理智的最後一根稻草就是看到他們的底妝系列的實測視頻。自然的光澤與妝感,完全就是寫著我的名字啊(笑)不過,他們家的產品對於不住在美國與英國的人還真不是想買就買得到。許多我習慣網購的彩妝平台都不寄送澳洲,不然就是沒有美國的信用卡不能刷(淚)。最後,我嘗試了人生第一次的網路代購 BUY AND SHIP (不是合作文唷,完全是個人經驗),再請要來訪的人幫忙帶過來。歷經了三個城市,終於我的 MILK MAKEUP 安全抵達我在澳洲的小窩(笑)而這陣子使用下來,也歸納出了一些喜歡與不喜歡的東西,決定今天來與你們分享。


What I’m crazy about

The product that got me into this Milk Makeup obsession is definitely the Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30. For those of you who love Glossier Skin Tint, I believe this is something you will enjoy too. Similar texture, with just a little bit more coverage. It’s dewy, fresh and glowy — the glass skin finish (in a more natural way). I have pretty dry skin, and this sits on my skin quite well, no dry patch grabbing situation happening if that’s your concern too.

The next product I really enjoyed is the Kush Lip Glaze. Like all the other Milk Makeup products, the Lip Glaze is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. With jojoba oil and olive oil, it softens your lips while moisturising your lips. The texture is quite unique too, somewhere between a gel and a liquid, but not tacky at all. Designed to be used as an overnight lip mask, but I also love using it during the day whenever I feel like my lips needed some extra love.

To me, what Milk Makeup really stand out is in there stick complexion products. I didn’t try their famous lip + cheek tube, because I’m not a big blush person. However, I did pick up the Matte Bronzer (in Bake), which is equally loved in the online world, if not more. It blends seamlessly and stays all day. I know it’s named as a matte product, but I do feel like it comes with a natural glow. Which serves both the purpose of contouring & bronzing. I’d say if you’re only looking to try one product from Mil, this will be it.

第一款愛用品就是就是把我推入火坑的 SUNSHINE SKINT SPF 30 粉底液。官網上的敘述是輕度遮瑕,但我自己用起來覺得可以算是中度,堆疊到高度也沒問題,並不會顯得厚重。如果大家喜歡 GLOSSIER 的底妝,相信也會跟我一樣對這款愛不釋手。類似的質地,流動性很高也非常貼合皮膚(我是乾肌),光澤很自然,不是很囂張那種,但看起來就是睡眠充足,有點像韓國之前流行的玻璃感妝效。值得一提的是,它是按壓式的滾珠設計,我自己覺得滿好用也很新鮮,但網路上很多人不喜歡,大家可以納入考量。

接著,就是他們的護唇產品。比較長期關注我的人就知道我是名副其實的「護唇控」,每嘗試一個新品牌,都一定會入手他們的護唇系列來試試。MILK 的護唇產品有兩個,一個是唇膏式的,再來就是照片中的擠壓款的。因為網路上前者的評價偏低,所以我選購的時候就跳過了。KUSH LIP GLAZE 非常滋潤,雖然說主要是拿來適合晚上厚敷的,白天也會帶在隨身的包包裡,味道是很清新的薄荷味,挺好吸收,不粘膩。另外,有位朋友說她會上完唇彩後再擦,增加光澤效果頗不錯。

其實整個品牌最讓我驚豔的是他們的頰彩系列,很多人推薦腮紅棒,但因為我不太愛腮紅(本身很容易臉紅,所以有時候實在不想再用腮紅強調),所以並沒有下訂,倒是嘗試了受歡迎程度相似的 MATTE BRONZER STICK(Bake)。冷暖適中的淺咖啡色,除了當古銅棒外,拿來修容也挺合適,我拿的是最淺色,健康膚色的人建議拿深一號。很好推開,有些膏狀的修容或古銅餅都要動作很迅速,因為他們一下就在臉頰乾掉,但款完全不會。慢慢推,不用緊張(笑)。雖然商品名稱強調霧面,但我自己覺得他是有帶點光感的,其實這樣反而更自然。欸對,聽到「自然」兩個字,就知道又是我的愛用品啦。


What I’m not so crazy about

Of course, not every product is meant for everyone. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by the overall standard of Milk Makeup and quite satisfied with most of my purchases. But there are a few things I’m just not so crazy about — meaning I have other stuff in my own collection I would instead use. The first thing I’m on the fence is about is the Flex Concealer. Shocking! I know, since every review I’ve read since to rave about it. It’s not bad, it covers, and it stays, but every time I use it, I instantly feel like I should have stuck with my other concealers. I personally prefer a more brightening & glowy concealer, perhaps that’s the reason.

The other thing I’m not so crazy about is the Kush Fibre Brow Gel. Again, it’s not terrible, but it’s just not favourite. One of those products if someone asks “what do you recommend in Milk Makeup?'“, I definitely wouldn’t go right off the bat and say “the brow gel!”. The colour? Fab. The brush? Ok. The holding power? Not up on my alley. All that said, I’ve been known to be really picky when it comes to my brow products, so far the only one that I have been repurchasing all the time is the Hourglass Fibre Brow Gel. Not even then Glossier Brow Gel made it to my list (shocking, again I know!)

當然,有讓人驚喜的產品,相對就有沒那麼喜歡的。不過在這裡的不喜歡不是指難用到不行,只是單純在這個品牌它不是我的首選,或是同樣品項我自己有在其它品牌有更愛的,一切表現中規中矩。第一個讓我覺得普通的產品就是 FLEX CONCEALER 遮瑕膏,我也很驚訝,畢竟網路上一面倒的好評。遮瑕度不錯,持久度也還行,但保濕能力就比較弱,如果當天眼下膚況不太好就會顯細乾紋。加上我個人喜歡提亮型的遮瑕多些,所以就比較不對胃。

另一個讓我比較無感的就是他們的 FIBRE BROW GEL 染眉膏(欸對,又是一個熱門商品)。自己都不太清楚到底是喜歡還是不喜歡這項產品。簡單來說,如果有人問我「推薦 MILK MAKEUP 的哪些產品?」,它肯定不會在名單中。顏色 OK,刷毛 OK ,持久度差強人意。就是那種中午畫完妝,下午過後照照鏡子會發現自己眉毛塌了。但我自己對於眉毛的要求本來就非常著重在持久,遺傳了楊先生的大濃眉,所以除了修眉毛長度和外匡以外是完全不畫眉也不動眉型的,我的追求就是找到一支好的染眉膏讓眉毛整天站好(笑)。


Overall Thoughts

Overall, I’m pretty into the brand. The Sunshine Skin Tint is still in my everyday makeup routine, so is the Matte Bronzer. The Lip Glaze is always in my purse. I’m even still giving the Flex Concealer some chances. It’s been nice to play with new makeup after my two months no-buy challenge. I love the clean aesthetic of their branding and packaging. They do have a few other bolder choices, which is not typically products I would go for. In my opinion, Milk Makeup is like a delicate balance between Glossier & Glossier Play! I’m also keen on trying their eyeshadow, perhaps I’ll give it a go when I visit my sister in New York. I hope they will ship to Australia SOON (fingers - crossed)! Have you guys tried anything from Milk? Let me know your thought, what are some of your favourite? x

不得不說,MILK MAKEUP 整體的質感都很在線。不只說產品,連包裝都很難讓人不喜歡,極簡的字樣與貼心的包裝,從化妝包裡拿出來就心情就很好。創辦人 Dianna Ruth 曾在一場訪談中表示 — 「現代的女性通常都很忙碌,需要的是一系列在任何場合或是趕往下個行程的路上都能快速補妝和上裝的產品」。當然別看包裝簡簡單單的,他們也是有許多彩度偏高的眼影、頰彩與唇彩等等,不是全部都是「自然看不出來」係,這純屬個人偏好(笑)下次有機會到美國走跳,還真的想入手眼影試試,聽說顯色度很高,也不會積陷,但因為眼妝不太熟悉我比較不敢網購,還是得親自到櫃上試色看看。哎,希望他們可以趕緊在澳洲的SEPHORA上市。大家知道 MILK MAKEUP 這個品牌嗎?有試過或是什麼感興趣的商品嗎?歡迎在底下留言讓我知道唷。






Grassphere Kampo Tea

There are a few things I consider essential to get my day to day life going. Books, my planner, sunscreen, lip balm, and of course, my daily dose of tea. I use to drink chamomile tea religiously, then there was a moment I was obsessed with earl grey, and now I’ve moved on to something more oriental. Being a long-term fan of Grassphere Tea Shop, I was so excited to have been given the chance to try their latest Kampo Tea pack. And now, I’ve finally got to sit down a give u guys a full review.



Brown Sugar, Chrysanthemum & Red Jujube

I tend to avoid any sorts of refined sugar in my drink (for the sake of a clear skin), but when it comes to brown sugar….sorry I’m all in. Perhaps my favourite from the entire pack, I literally cannot sipping my cup, even though elegantly drinking your tea is kind of a thing. All that said, this particular blend is good for your eyes, especially beneficial for this who spends a lot of time staring at their screen everyday (don’t we all??). I personally love drinking this in the evening, sinking in my couch, enjoying the beautiful smell of brown sugar (I’m bias here, but everything else smells amazing too!), listening to my favourite podcast and just letting my eyes rest a while.


整個綜合組裡,第一個試喝也是最喜歡的味道。這幾年,除了偶爾的熱可可,已經戒掉了含糖飲料,不過「黑糖」是我偶爾會給自己的小小放縱(笑)畢竟,比起一般的白糖,他對身體是真正有好處的。我們知道紅棗對健康有益,但其實好的紅棗並不是那麼好找,質量好的呈偏暗的紅酒色,有著淺淺的皺紋但不會太明顯,最重要的是它自帶香甜。小草作選擇的苗栗的有機紅棗,就是這樣的。溫炒過的台南黑糖、質感好的紅棗以及有助於清熱的杭菊,絕對是富含營養的女孩聖品。值得一提的是,這款茶還有替雙眼補元氣的作用;我自己喜歡晚上下班後,聽著 podcast,一邊品茶一邊讓眼睛好好休息。



A similar version from the previous one, the Brown Sugar Jujube Black Tea is a simpler taste, but equally delicious & beneficial. Self care can mean different things for different people. For me, pour little cup of this before my crazy day start does the quite the magic. p.s - its good for your skin too!.




Lime, Kumquate & Ginger

Something slightly more refreshing from the previous one. I’d like to consider this my day-time tea choice. Due to the ingredients, this particular tea blend is filled with vitamin C, giving us a quick health boost. It is also great when you’re filling a little off (you know that annoying low energy filling when you are about to catch a flu? we’ve all been there!). To me, lime is something that grows on you with age, I remember being a kid/teenager when I avoid all things in the lime/lemon family. And now, as I’m older, I’m starting really appreciate it. The tingly sourness along with a kick from ginger, such a great way to bring your energy back!




Ginger Black Tea

Though I personally don’t like any dish that contains ginger, I don’t mind them in my drink. I’m a huge fan of ginger tea, they make me feel calmer & warmer, especially during colder days. With the mellow taste from carefully handpicked Taiwanese black tea, the spicy taste of ginger taste just about right. Like all the other blends it doesn’t just taste nice, this specific Ginger Black Tea, is great for your circulation and enhancing blood flow. I love drinking them the next morning from a huge & tasty dinner with friends, makes me feel less bloated from all the rich dishes the night before.




Brown Sugar ginger Tea

Something similar from the previous one, but more in favour to my taste buds, and perhaps my best friend during the time of the month. I get a lot of period bloat for those day, but a large mug of Brown Sugar Ginger Tea literally makes feel better in a few mintues. What can I say? Happy gut, happy period life!




Roselle, Rose & brown sugar

If I’m honest, I’ve never tried Roselle Tea (also known as Hibiscus) until this days. I know about the health benefits, such as blood health, lesser chance for skin irritations and cancer etc. But the smell was too sour for me, so I never thought of trying it. But thank god I did this time, perhaps its the brown sugar and the rose, it wasn’t as sour as I thought it would be, in fact it was quite refreshing and thirst relieving. I dig.





What I love most about the Kampo Tea Pack, is not just simply the flavours, but the fact that everything is sourced and made in Taiwan. For instance, the brown sugar is from Tainan, the ginger found in Taitung, the red jujubes planted in Maioli, and the tea shop itself is based in Taipei.

I love supporting brands from home, despite spending almost 10 years abroad, I’m still the Taiwanese kid at heart. And Grassphere Tea Shop is one of the many brands I keep close in my heart, because they remind me how amazing home is.





There you have it, my thoughts on Grassphere Tea Shop’s latest Kampo Tea Pack. Do any of the flavours sound interesting to you? Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to know!




shot on Fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens
*the teas were gifted by Grassphere Tea Shop, however all opinions are 100% mine
find out more about Grassphere Tea Shop through their Instagram or Facebook

Tech Talk: Cameras

About a year ago, I made the jump to change my entire shooting system from Canon to Fujifilm. And for me, it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made in for my photography journey. I have been looking to simplify my shooting process for so long. To let me mind lead rather than getting wrapped up in the vortex of equipment. Of course, how good your photograph is, is not determined by how updated/expensive your camera is. All that said, despite me getting so many DMs about my gear, this is still just me saying the Fuji system works for me best and sharing my experience. And hope you guys find it somewhat useful!

很常收到大家私訊問拍照的問題,特別是關於使用的相機跟修圖軟體。約一年前,我把手邊 Canon 系統的相機、鏡頭等換成富士的,然後我真心覺得這是目前在攝影方面做過最好的決定。以前,我也會被型號啊、新舊機型跟鏡頭多少顆這些問題給搞得頭昏腦脹,讓攝影這件事變得很複雜,不過當我脫手大部分的器材後,發現我居然更愛享受拍照的過程了。一切從零開始,一台工作相機、一台旅遊相機,鏡頭也一顆而已,反而不再被比較心態綁架,專注的靠雙眼與快門來完成心中的影像。所以我想說的是,不是擁有最好的相機才能拍出最好的照片,一切都關於使用感受,而正好,富士是適合我的拍攝方式,特別得心應手。所以心得僅供參考唷,大家還是要做好功課才去買相機,知道嗎(笑)


Fuji X100f with 23MM F/2 fix lens

What I use it for:

Personal Travels, Most Social Media Content. Anything that needs accessibility and ease.

What I don’t use it for:

Work-related imagery & content


Honestly, if you want a camera that doesn’t need interchangeable lenses, small to take with you everywhere, or just a simple travel camera - look in to the x100 range. They have amazing image quality and for the price you’re are paying for - it’s 100% worth it! They preform well in low light too.


You can’t change lenses with this one, and 23mm can be too far for some circumstances. Personally, I’ve been shooting fix lens mostly for my entire life, so I’m quite use too moving around, but do bare this in mind.



工作與產品照,需要大量 focus 在細節的時候。


老實說,如果想找一款平常與旅遊都能用隨身的相機,我非常推薦去看看 x100 這個系列(記得要做功課!)。這台小相機的畫質真的非常好,大部分的情況下銳利度也都足夠。晚上拍攝也沒有太大問題。個人覺得這樣的價錢能有這樣的價錢真的太讓人滿意了(建議去日本比價)。


鏡頭不能換。我個人已經習慣不利用鏡頭拉近或拉遠,直接靠走動來抓自己想要的畫面。當然有時候,環境並不允許我們瘋狂走動,這時候 23mm 就會變得很不方便,這點需要考量。

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x100f

shot on fujifilm x-h1 in 56mm lens

shot on fujifilm x-h1 in 56mm lens

shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens

shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens

Fuji X-H1with 35mm F/1.4 lens

What I use it for:
Client shoots, Editorials, Products Shoots, Collaborative Blog Posts/Social Media Posts, Fashion Week, Prints etc.

What I don’t use it for:

When I’m out and about for a normal day shooting everyday life. Or when I’m not travelling for work.


After renting a Fujifilm for a month, I’m fully converted. I really didn’t want to go back to my large DSLR cameras. This one is in mid-frame, and it’s perfect for my size - creating perfect imagery without making your arms sore too much (they still sore till the end of the day, but not as much as my old Canon).


Though it’s considered small for most mid-frames but it can still get in the way. But like I said, I use this one for work, so I would obviously have my big backpack with me. Again, not as travel-friendly as the x100 ranges.








shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens / edited through lightroom

shot on fujifilm x-h1 with 35mm lens / edited through lightroom

Editing Software

On the Computer


I use photoshop for detail editing. Getting rid of finger prints, when there is a random pedestrian on my street shots anything that’s sort of bothering me in the image.


Perhaps my favourite part of editing. Experimenting on contrast/saturation/ exposure/crop/clarity/details and etc. To me, this is the software to really bring out your personal style, because everyone sees a raw image differently.

On the Phone


I normally only use photos taken by my phone for stories. A6 is my favourite filter, and perhaps the only filter I use. I like to bring it down so it doesn’t look to fake.


I only use it for the vintage grain effects I’m currently obsessed with.




細節的處裡一般來說都是在 Photoshop 完成。譬如產品上的指紋啦,或是一些有些突兀的路人,我都會用它。


Lightroom 應該是最愛的編修程式了,我喜歡透過色調、對比、曝光、細節強弱跟冷暖色等等來呼應應拍攝當下的感受以及突顯個人風格。畢竟,即便是同樣的角度,每個人所看到的與想要呈現的故事依舊不同。



我其實很少分享用手機拍出的照片,一般都是拿來錄影比較多。如果有的情況,都會用 VSCO 的 A6 濾鏡來做處理,不過我會把強度調低一點,才不濾鏡感這麼強。



shot on fujiflm x100f /edited through lightroom

shot on fujiflm x100f /edited through lightroom


Like I mentioned before, these are just what works for me in my situations. It is always good to google as much as you can before purchasing a camera (or anything in general). I probably watched 20 youtube videos, read countless blog reviews before I went on and RENT a Fujifilm X Series to try it out, this might sound surprising but I actually don’t own a lot lens, I rent most of them. Hope this post answers some of your questions. And if there is anything you’d like to know more about, feel free to comment below x

好咧,這就是我工作、旅遊和日常用的相機跟拍攝習慣。還是那句老話,請大家一定要多查資料、到店裡親自把玩試試手感再決定。像我自己,就是看了無數個 Youtube 影片、部落格文章與論壇才決定要去「租」一台來試試。其實,我覺得選相機就跟交朋友一樣,一台合適的相機,就像找到了相見恨晚的投機好友,能夠陪伴你創造更多精彩、過癮的回憶。希望這篇有回答到平常私訊中的疑問,有任何問題也歡迎留言討論唷,我們下次見。

*this isn’t a sponsored post, i’m just a Fujifilm camera/system lover




the floral formula

During my two years in London, the one thing that surprised me the most was the number of royal gardens (there are actually 8 different ones in London!) you can find in the city, even just huge gardens & parks in general. I lived in Canary Wharf, a relatively new business district with a lot of high-rise building. Despite all that, you can always catch the freshness of trees, flowers and gardens on the street. This is perhaps my favourite thing about the British capital. And thanks to Miller Harris, I get to relive those memories - through their Forage collection.

你眼中的倫敦是什麼模樣?是個性的、自由的?我想,每個人在走訪一個未知的城市前,都會有些自己的見解。三年前,帶著對歐洲的各種憧憬,在英國首都生活了兩年。而那段時間,發現倫敦的綠化其實做的非常徹底。暫且不論那八座皇家公園,幾乎每區都有至少一座公共花園或公園。就連當初公寓所在的新興商務區金絲雀碼頭,即便高樓大廈隨處可見,在街上依舊能感受到綠葉花草的氣息。鋼筋水泥並沒有阻擋植物的生長,兩個看似極其相反的元素,卻能夠如此和諧的共同生長。這或許就是霧都最吸引人之處,再不一樣的文化、生態都能在那兒找到生存方式。感謝 Miller Harris ,持續以詩人般的調香技術,讓我透過全新的的「都會秘境採食系列」憶起些英倫美好。


There are three different scents in this particular collection (Lost in the City, Hidden on the Rooftops & Wander through the Parks). And I'm sharing Lost in the City with you today, inspired by urban ferns. When I heard about the idea behind this perfume, I thought it would smell more botanical. However, the first scent that I picked up was actually rose scent. Which is odd, since rose petals are their heart note rather than the top. It caught me off guard, but in a good way. Along with early grey, black currant, amber & musk, blending into a subtle feminine scent with a nice sharp of rose. To be honest, I never thought I'd be sharing perfume with such a significant rose note (I use to think it's too girly or sweet for me). And yet now I'm reaching for it a lot more often than expected.

都會迷蹤 Lost in the City,是我在這次「都會秘境採食系列 」中要跟大家分享的淡香精(整個系列共有三個,另外兩款為天台秘境&園林密語)。「以蕨類的生存蹤跡為發想」,官網上是這麼介紹的。在還沒用前,一直誤以為是偏清新或木質的調性,沒想到感官第一個接收到的居然是玫瑰,然而卻是與一般印象中不一樣的玫瑰香氣。前調是黑醋栗與佛手柑,接著由玫瑰花瓣、天竺葵與大黃共同組成的中調,經過大黃巧妙地中和,淡化了花香味較重的另外兩者,進而帶出了不膩味的清甜。最後以伯爵與麝香的茶香、果香做收尾,同時制衡前中兩調較濃郁的花香味,呈現了玫瑰花不同以往的面貌。


I only started appreciating roses after I started taking photos. It's pretty hard to imagine, since visiting the local florist for white roses is now a huge part of my weekly routine. Even so, flowers haven't worked their way to my perfume collection much before. I tend to go for wood and tea scents. To me, they are so refreshing, and I love how they just wear off in a nice organic way. I was never the girl who would ask for a rose scent in a perfume shop back then. Well, not until now. I've found my favourite floral formula, finally.

應該是開始拍照之後才學會欣賞花(特別是白玫瑰!)。起初,純粹是喜歡她們在畫面中呈現的模樣,不知不覺也就成了生活的一部分,現在只要家花瓶一空就會渾身不自在。不過即便如此,玫瑰香的香水卻很少出現在我的收藏中。梳妝台上清一色的木質和茶香,再不然就是柚子、茉莉等清新調性的。不是不喜歡,就是不習慣。感覺玫瑰花的甜美女人味似乎與我搭不上邊。但,真的是這樣嗎?自從接觸了 Miller Harris 的 Lost in the City 都會迷蹤,這迷思漸漸開始被打破。原來,玫瑰不只甜美這一種模樣,他可以知性,可以溫暖,更能可以呈現女人專屬的個性與灑脫。說穿了,不是不能駕馭,只是一直沒遇到心儀的香氛罷了。


My very feeling for Miller Harris' Lost in the City inspired me to plan these images without too much flower. Being so different from all other rose perfumes, I think this is the only way to do it justice. Cheers.


*disclaimer: I received this product for free, however, the opinion & thoughts are 100% mine. shot on Fujifilm xh1 with 35mm lens _

the body care duo

For the longest time I remember, I never had a specific routine when it comes to body care. Comparing to my obsession with skincare, I'm the lazy gal in this area. The most I do is probably finding new products when I ran out of them. It's quite the opposite to the way I take care of my face and hair. Which is weird in a way, because any parts of your body should deserve the same amount of care & love. All that said, I received the new body wash and lotion duo of Miller Harris last month. And it's safe to say it's one of those few body care products that got me excited after my first try. Let me tell you why, keep scrolling!

比起臉部,我在身體保養的部分就相對比較不用心。很少自發性地去挖掘,大多都是在身邊的產品的用完後,才會去物色新的品項,也沒有像護膚與彩妝有著一定要回購的清單。想想也是挺奇怪的,因為我一直覺得照顧好自己是每個人的責任,偏偏在這個區塊特別懶惰(笑)但,或許就是因為這樣,才促使我迫不及待想要與大家聊聊 Miller Harris 午後伯爵系列的心情,畢竟能讓我好感如此強烈的身體保養真的少之有少。至於為什麼呢?趕緊來看看吧。

miller harris tea tonique

miller harris tea tonique

If there's one thing I missed the most about London, it's the unlimited choices of afternoon teas. And perhaps thats why I'm so fond of Miller Harris' tea tonique line. Inspired by the classic early grey tea (my favourite black tea!), both the body wash & lotion comes with a enjoyable scent of lemon, roast tea leaves and bergamot - a tea lover's dream come true.

離開倫敦之後,最想念的就是他們對下午茶的重視。不管在哪條街上、哪個區域,總有個能讓人坐下來喝杯好茶的地方(還要搭配奶油與司康!)。而對品茶的喜愛之情,正是讓我對這次 Miller Harris 的新品感興趣的主要原因。午後伯爵身體保養系列,顧名思義,就是以伯爵茶最為發想靈感,不管是沐浴膠還是乳液都包含了檸檬、佛手柑和煙燻茶葉等原料,進而締造出清新且溫暖的調性,帶領著我們進入令人嚮往的午茶時光。


Tea Tonique body wash

I'm not the biggest expert of body washes. As long as its not too harsh or drying, and the scent works for both day & night, then I'm good. Though if I'm honest, it's quite hard find something like this. The tea tonique body wash is one of those rare ones that ticked both boxes. The gel texture doesn't create a lot of foam, which I personally prefer since my skin is sensitive.

在我心裡,「好」的沐浴產品有兩個必備條件;首先,必須溫和、洗完之後不能有乾澀感,再來,在味道上必須同時適合晚上與白天(因為我一天洗兩次澡),聽起來很簡單的要求,卻很少有同時在兩者間都發揮得很好的。意外地,午後伯爵沐浴膠的表現完全超出了我的預期,豐富的維他命 E 能在清潔的同時做深層保濕與修復。中性的茶香,不只在性別上沒有拘束,白天與夜晚也不設限。在提神與放鬆間取得了平和,如同剛用為下午茶般,身心滿足、舒暢,卻依舊能回到崗位上繼續努力。 [/one_third_last]   [one_third padding="6px 10px 6px 0px"]

Tea Tonique body cream


You get two moisturiser choices in this collection. Because Melbourne is quite dry, I went for the richer version. The body cream is rich in argan oil and shea butter, and I love how it leaves my skin so soft and silky (bye bye dry patches!). I was never good at applying lotion daily, but this particular product actually got me doing so actively. Along with the body wash, the scent lasted pretty long, works like a subtle fragrance.

在保濕方面,因為澳洲天氣偏乾,所以選了滋潤型的乳霜質地(另一款為身體乳液)。潤澤功力強的乳油不果油和摩洛哥堅果油為主要成分,吸收力很好,沐浴完塗抹一層肌膚不只平滑了些,還出現了淡淡的光澤,心情也就跟著上揚。老實說,我以前是個時常會忘記擦乳液的人,但可能是因為真的太喜歡午後伯爵系列的香氣,最近居然開始自發性的做這件事。近期更是直接把乳液擺在床頭櫃,每晚的睡前時光變得奢華許多。 [/one_third] [two_third_last padding="6px 0px 6px 10px"] [/two_third_last]   [one_third padding="6px 10px 6px 0px"]  

Tea Tonique Eau de Parfum


Not exactly body care, but I can't finish this post without introducing my favourite Miller Harris scent at the moment. For someone who doesn't drink coffee, tea has always been my best friend. I make myself a cup of tea everyday, without fail. All things considered, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out there's a tea scent perfume out there. Perfect for everyday, the Tea Tonique Eau de Parfum makes me feel so elegant. It's refreshing, a little bit woody, and just uplifting enough to start the day. I personally think perfume and scents are quite magical, since one tiny spritz can easily change  how we feel about ourselves. That's why my perfume cabinet is filling up so fast, and I don't mind.

身邊的人都知道 Miller Harris 是我這半年來最喜愛的香水、香氛品牌。而在這一系列的收藏中,午後伯爵淡香精成了翻牌率最高的愛將。從小看著楊老先生泡茶,高中出國後家裡為了讓我一個人在外能安心點,都會準備一小包我特別愛的老茶葉在行李中;這專屬家的味道一年只能補貨一次,所以都是省著喝的(笑)在這樣的耳濡目染之下,我成了不喝咖啡只喝茶的人,對於任何與茶味有關的東西也都特別傾心。所以當我知道午後伯爵系列還包含了香精,那興奮之情可想而知。由煙燻茶葉帶出的木質調性,沒有季節與場合之分,工作與假日都很合適。剛噴灑的時候為那茶味最明顯,好心情隨之而來;不過出了門後整個人開始因為淺淺的肉豆蔻與白樺安靜了下來,以穩定之心面對這天的挑戰。這就是香氛吸引人的地方,簡單的一個按壓小動作,卻足以改變我們的情態,多麽神奇。

There you have it, the Tea Tonique trio I've been loving for the past month. Which one of them are you guys interested in? Or share any of your favourite body care products.



in collaboration with 10 10 apothecary for miller harris shot on fujifilm xh1 with 35mm lens

take better photos with your phone

從開始寫部落格以來,就很常收到與攝影有關的問題,但對於這類的文章與合作我始終都十分小心謹慎,畢竟自己多數時候也都還是在嘗試與摸索,很怕給大家錯誤的資訊(真的不是藏招唷,關於拍照方面的私訊回的比較慢,都是在思考怎麼答比較好,想知道的我都還是會答的)。當然,如果試到好用的器材或app,分享給你們那是一定的。其實,在攝影方面我還真不是什麼「技術控」,什麼光圈多少、快門多少、要怎麼調才最完美,都不是我關心的事,也不認為最好最貴的相機就能拍出最好的照片。手感與如何拓展自己的視野和角度才是我在乎的,也是一直想推廣給大家的精神。所以呢,今天要分享的 Bomgogo Govision L3 Combo 十合一 手機鏡頭組, 雖然稱為專業級,但我覺得就算是新手也能享受到它的樂趣的,大家別擔心(笑),快來看看吧。

Hey guys, since I get quite a lot of questions about my Instagram photos, I thought it would be cool to write a post about it. I used to stick with shots taken from my camera only. I would edit them on my MacBook before uploading them to my iPhone. Which takes almost forever. Not that I don't do this anymore, but recently I've discovered these external phone lenses from Bomgogo and made everything so much easier. Now, I don't have to bring my camera with me for a simple walk by the river or a day trip, and still be happy with the shots I took. So without further ado, let me introduce you to my new iPhone lens kit


the Govision L3 combo kit itself includes a microlens, wide-angle lens, a star lens, two brightness filters and 4 colour filters. And here are my thoughts & examples of them: 

Govision L3 十合一手機鏡頭組包含了:微距、廣角、星芒、偏光與減光鏡各一,另外加上四款顏色濾鏡。 接下來挑幾款我特別喜歡、印象深刻的濾鏡鏡頭時拍照跟大家分享(有經過 vsco 做調色與係為細節處理)。


star filter |六線星芒鏡

Perhaps my favourite of them all. The super slim star lens filter makes your sunset photos so much prettier. You can either use it with the wide angle kit or attached in on your camera. It's literally the best. Face your phone towards the sunlight (or any sort of light source), and you get these beautiful sparkling lights in your shots. 



ND8  FILTER | 減光鏡

You guys know I love my moody shots, but sometimes even Adobe can't help if there's too much sunlight! So, if you're in a beautiful street, and yet the weather is just TOO's time to bring out your NDB filter then. I was also told that it's great for taking moving cars, though I personally did not see too much effect in that (perhaps the Melbourne cars are just not that fast), it's still a great filter to bring out exposure and highlight! 

有關注我 Instagram 的人,就會知道我個人喜歡偏暗色系的照片。但有些時候,地利天不合,再厲害的修圖與調色技巧,手機遇到強光也是無解。這時候,減光鏡就成了我維持風格的好幫手,幫助我拍出我愛的街景。另外,說明書上這款濾鏡也適合拍攝流動的車輛與溪流等,不過可能是因為澳洲的車子不夠快吧,目前的感受是還好。但是在靜態的曝光、亮度的調整上,真的表現非常棒。


CPL filter |偏光鏡

What I love about the CPL lens is that it really helps with reflections. Instead of saying it reduced them, I'd like to say they make them look better. Everything looks richer, and if you're like me,  you will stop feeling irritated and annoyed about your window shots. See what I mean there? It really brings out the green & blues of these glass windows from Rosetta. 


note: all these photos above are taken with the filter mentioned & the wide angle lens.

the colour filters | 多色濾鏡


During my entire month of testing, I did not use these colour filters as much as I use the previous lenses I've mentioned. Don't get me wrong, I love how they turned out, but if you've seen my photos, I'm sure you will realise I'm not a fan of having a single vibrant colour in my photos. However, I do have a way working them around. For instance, the blue for bluer sky and water, the grey for a nice vintage fade look, and of course, the orange & red for sunsets. And they turned out pretty cool! 



my overall thoughts | 整體心得

Honestly, I know this kit is originally designed for travelling,  but I'll probably still choose my camera over this. For someone who's been used to the weight, I'm happy to bring my Fujifilm camera around while exploring. However, it is surely a great set of lenses for a simple day trip & casual weekend out, with other filters you can get amazing outcomes, I reckon is good enough for social media, if not more. I had my doubts at first, and yet it did perform better than expected. If I had to be picky, I have to say it's not the best choice for you iPhone X users, somehow they did not work well. I'll keep trying though and keep you guy updated! All that said, if you're looking to upgrade your phone photos without carrying a bulking camera, Bomgogo got you covered! 

在體驗期間,也在網路上研究了很多和手機鏡頭相關的資訊,發現使用需求大約分成兩類:廣角自拍&旅遊拍攝。不過老實說,如果旅行出遠門,我還是會選擇相機,畢竟還是有差(可能是已經揹習慣了吧,很多人提到的重量考量我真的覺得還好,笑)。所以,這些手機鏡頭與濾鏡到底在我的生活中扮演者什麼角色呢?我認為它是款適合週末走跳攜帶的鏡頭組。由於我一到五出門工作都是會帶相機的,到了週末就盡量不攜帶了,除了放鬆外,就是想練習用更輕鬆的態度紀錄生活、經營社群,而此時 Bomgogo 的鏡頭組就替我補足了許多手機上的限制,讓我能沒有擔憂的產出質量好的畫面。另外,如果是 Iphone X 的使用者,要記得把廣角鏡中心與第一個主鏡頭中心對上,才不會出現邊緣模糊的問題(把照片拍攝尺寸調成 square 效果也會更好)。好咧,今天的文章到此結束,想提高手機攝影質感的大家,可以到他們的官網看看。

p.s if you guys would like me to share some more photography articles, comment below, or send me an email with your question x


in collaboration with Bomgogo