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A Day in Shoreditch with Canon EOS M5

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a series of photos with Canon. To be honest, though I've have my fair share of experience with other brands, this was my very first Canon camera.

最近在 Instagram 悄悄上傳了一系列用 Canon 拍攝的作品。老實說,以一個攝影工作者來說,聽起來或許意外,但我是第一次他們家的相機

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For those of you who don't know about Toast living yet , it is a brand from Taiwan that creates stylish and minimal homeware collections. From teaware, coffee infuser, home fragrance to aroma diffuser and etc. And this time, with their amazing MU collection, I think I've finally found the best last minute Xmas gift. Below are a few of my favourites! 

或許你跟我一樣,最近才接觸 Toast Living 這個來自台灣的設計品牌。又或許,你早就為他們簡單、不失細膩的線條吸引。作品橫跨茶具、咖啡用具、家居芬香以及擴香。而這次,在看過他們的 MU 系列,我的聖誕禮物清單,有多了好多選項。一起來看看吧!

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